Reorganizing Patterns

By default, the Node version of Pattern Lab organizes pattern types, pattern subtypes, and patterns alphabetically when displaying them in the drop-down navigation, pattern subtype "view all" pages, and the "all" style guide. This may not meet your needs. You can re-order pattern types, pattern subtypes and patterns by prefixing them with two digit numbers.

For example, we'll look at how we can re-organize patterns. Using alphabetical ordering the lists pattern subtype in atoms looks like:


This is also the order they'll show up in the drop-down navigation. Because you rarely need to see the definition list pattern maybe you want to have it show up last in the navigation. To re-order the patterns just add numbers to the beginning:


You may want to put some space between the numbers just in case you want to further re-order and not touch the other patterns. For example, a better default ordering might be:


The numbers will not show up when Pattern Lab displays the name of the pattern in the drop-down navigation. They're simply a re-ordering mechanism.

Re-ordering Pseudo-Patternspermalink

The rules for re-ordering pseudo-patterns are slightly different than normal patterns. The numbers go after the tilde sign (~) rather than at the beginning of the file name. For instance:

- pattern.mustache
- pattern.yml
- pattern~01-variation2.yml
- pattern~02-variation3.yml
- pattern~03-variation1.yml